Intro to academic UX research

On Research through Design From what I gather, this module, titled  ‘UX Research’, requires us to create a design artifact to back up or test

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week 9

Communities of Practice

  Valuing Communities of Practice Communities of practice can be groups of colleagues, peers or like-minded professionals. These communities are valuable for our professional and

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week 8

The Ethics of Research

I’m slightly late catching up on the content for Week 8: Research as it’s such a wide and important topic in UX, so I spent

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Week 5

FemTech Insight & Futures

  Disruptive Technologies A term used to encompass the software, diagnostics, products, and services that use technology to improve women’s health, FemTech is a growing

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Creativity: The Incubation Phase

Exploring Incubation As I mentioned in my previous post, whilst studying various creative methodologies this week I became fascinated with the subtle power of the

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Week 2

Creativity: Nature or Nurture?

This week on UX Design at Falmouth we’ve been exploring what creativity is and how we can use various creative philosophies and methods to inform

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